wedding photography by kacie herd
images by kacie herd

"It all started as Peter & myself knew of each other as we both worked for the same company - we would see each other at staff meetings or event. wWe would bust ourselves checking each other out but never spoke till we both volunteered to do haircuts for Beyond Blue at St Kilda Festival. After haircuts were done, we were all chilling on a hill watching the rides, drinking grey goose out of a pump bottle (classy). When Peter asked me to come on the roller coaster with him, he said he had never been on a rollercoaster before in he's life (I still call BULLSHIT) so away we went he asked to hold me hand & we guess thats where it all started."

the proposal
Peter proposed to me on March 21st 2022. We were at a beautiful park playing around with our little frenchie (Frankie) when I turned around to Peter on one knee with the most amazing ring I had ever seen in his hand, of course I had to say yes. Followed by a beautiful dinner & a week away on a road trip to SA. We had been together for four years.

the wedding venue
Peter and I weren't too keen on having a traditional wedding, we really just wanted to throw big party! It was great timing for a new shed my father was building that would be ready just in time.

Peter and I always knew what colours we loved so that make it a lot easier and we lived on Pinterest when putting it all together.

favourite moment
Seeing Peter for the first time. Seeing our dog be the best boy ever & father and daughter dance

favourite detail
Our favourite would be the way everything come together - we had an idea on what we wanted but how it actually come together just blew us away.

dress/suit shopping 
Quick and sort of easy. I knew where I wanted to get the dress from and what I wanted but when I got there the dress I wanted was made to order and I was a little scared about that. So I tried another dress on just for fun & that was it. I never tried any other dresses on after that.
What does marriage mean to you? Marriage is like waking up next to your best friend everyday, a promise to stand by each others side no matter what situation, learn from each other and enjoy the ups and downs together. 

From start to finish. The day was honestly magical by far best day of our lives. 

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a Wedding? Enjoy yourself from the planning to the actual day. It is a lot of stuff you don’t think about and it does get very stressful but the day goes so quick. Enjoy each others love & have fun.

What were your aisle, recessional and first dance songs?
Aisle- Bittersweet Symphony
Recessional- Africa, Toto
First dance- Grow old with you OrtoPilot

stand out vendors 
Bridal party definitely they were bloody amazing but I will also mention our photographer Kacie Herd and celebrant. They certainly went above and beyond for us.