images by ayzia jade photography

The artistic direction for this bridal shoot featuring the gorgeous Tara wearing Rue De Seine + Chosen by One Day was inspired by the harsh, yet alluring elements of the Arizona Desert – wild, unique and powerful! "As a creative, I love Australia’s raw coastlines, our vast country expanses and lush green gardens, however never one to shy away from a challenge, I was determined to bring my Arizona Desert dreams to life. Located 30 minutes from Perth, Karnup Nursery absolutely embodied the arid desert vibe desired and I wasted no time in securing the opportunity to create some magic alongside some amazing, local vendors." Ayzia Jade shares.

what are some of the highlights you had during the shoot process:
From the outset I had a really, clear vision of who I wanted to involve in the shoot and how their contribution would complement the shoot’s artistic direction. The shoot highlight would definitely be the moment I realised all the planning, styling and detail selection had united seamlessly to bring my vision to life – pure magic!

were there any challenges to overcome on the shoot day?
Bec and Tara are both amazing creatives in their own right which made the process effortless – with plenty of creative energy. An extra hour of shooting would have been ideal though as we were having So. Much. Fun! I wasn’t able to secure a florist after a last minute cancellation, so together with my Mum we created a bouquet, which actually became one of my favourite elements of the day and something I was really proud of.

What led you to decide on this shoot location?
I discovered Karnup Nursery simply by luck. One of my friends had paid the newly opened nursery a visit to update her plant collection and upon entering immediately thought of me and my plans to create a shoot befitting of the Arizona Desert vibe.

favourite detail: Tara, in the Rue De Seine gown – hands down! She absolutely embodied the style I had dreamt of, plus I couldn’t go past a Rue dress?! I love everything about a Rue dress and they really suit the Arizonian feel with a touch of Bohemia.

photography @ayziajadephotography 
location @karnup_nursery 
model @tarascriv 
Assistant Bec Scriv @becs_scriv