La Bella Vita is a tangible reminiscence of our Creative Director’s honeymoon in Italy, many moons ago. They wandered through cobblestone streets, visited quaint sidewalk caf├ęs, and reveled in seemingly endless summer nights whilst sipping champagne as the tide came in.

With romance at the forefront of every gown we’ve ever created, our new 2024 wedding dress collection marries minimalism and effervescence, along with our new jewellery pieces created to elevate and complement each look. Featuring feminine plunging necklines, bold detachable statement sleeves, soft botanical laces, and luxurious satins to allow for free-flowing designs that subtly accentuate the figure and elevate the feminine form.

Varying customisation options, such as detachable sleeves, provide brides the freedom to create a wedding day look unique to their personal style which they can further express through various accessory options.

Our vision for bridal was brought to life by women, for women. Hand-crafted by our talented team of female artisans whose focus is on the detail and tailoring of each piece.

With versatility at the heart of it, La Bella Vita exudes a timeless yet modern elegance and encapsulates the beauty of the precious moments leading up to your wedding day and the rest of your life.