summer garden wedding in germany images by laura seitz fotografie
images by laura seitz fotografie

wedding date 23 july 2022
white house guldental, germany
80 wedding guests

"We met at a carnival party in Saskia's hometown. Marc had a performance there with his dance group. At the aftershow party we got to talking and exchanged our numbers." Their relaxed Summer garden ceremony began with a private first look before the wedding. They wanted to see each other for the first time in an intimate atmosphere, without a lot of hustle and bustle and to enjoy the last minutes together again. In a small forest near a clearing, Saskia was given a small letter beforehand. Marc had recorded a few more lines for Saskia, which Saskia said once again showed his love for her. The moment was very emotional and wonderful!

Did you know leading up to it that Marc was going to propose?

I had a slight hunch. His behaviour was noticeable and I already had a suspicion.

We wanna hear all about the proposal…

Marc had proposed to me on a Friday evening. When I came home from work, he had decorated our living room with many fairy lights and I should sit with him in front of the TV. When he then turned on the TV, I could hardly believe my eyes. He had the intro from the famous series "How I met your Mother" with our pictures provided. Then he recorded a mini series with two kids from our friends. The kids were supposed to be our children in the year 2030 and he told them our story of knowing each other. At the end of the series, he asked me if I wanted to be his wife. I am simply speechless about his creativity. It was just perfect. 

What was the winning factor of your Wedding venue/location?

The owner convinced us with his professionalism and gave us a good feeling. Everything just fit in this location. The beautiful garden for the wedding ceremony and the champagne reception. The premises for the dinner and finally the excellent food.  

What was the most important thing you wanted to have at your wedding theme wise?

We wanted a nice atmosphere. Everyone should feel comfortable. We got married undisturbed in a small intimate circle. No one should be stressed on the day. Without many details, the day was simply about us and our guests.  

Your most faaaaave moment...

 It is incredibly difficult to pick out the exact moment on a day that was the most beautiful. There were so many highlights on this day. 

- The first look between my husband and me

-The way with my father to my husband

- The beautiful words of our wedding speaker

- The word "yes”

- The emotional speech from my father to us

- A video taken by our friends especially for us

In the end, we were so touched by how much effort our families and friends put in to make the perfect day for us.

Faaaave Wedding detail...

The wedding dress and wedding rings.

How easy did you find your dress/suit shopping experience? Saskia: Super simple. I went to a small bridal store and found my dress right away. Right away one of the dresses caught my eye. When I tried it on, I knew directly: this is my dress. Marc: I was absolutely not stressed. In the end, even Saskia picked out a suit for me in the online store. The first one that came matched my expectations and was bought directly. 

What does marriage mean to you? To officially belong together. We love to have the same last name. Everyone recognizes directly that we belong together. We want to grow old together and look forward to everything the future brings. We have laid the foundation with our wedding.

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