brisbane wedding shoot images by pixel punk pictures

images by pixel punk pictures

Inspired by the Florence and Machine song "Cosmic Love", this celestial themed shoot hit all the right notes. Focusing on a palette of metallic elements: gold, rose gold, and silver with pops of black and white throughout.

With a night time city backdrop, chosen specifically for its twinkling lights ["stars"], the Brisbane Story Bridge littered with blue lights, our couple said their vows in a sea of candles in front of a gorgeous Moon arbour.


Building the moon arbour was definitely a highlight of the shoot process! The other highlight for me would be lighting the candles in front of the backdrop. The candles bought the entire setup to life.


We had quite a few challenges on the day! The venue had bought more furniture since our first site visit, this furniture was too heavy for those in the shoot to move out the venue so we had to stack it all in corners that were out of shot. The table arrived and was not a mirror table as planned which threw out the entire look of the shoot. To solve this, the photographer headed to bunnings and bought 6 bathroom mirrors and we placed them on the table like a jigsaw puzzle to get the desired look. The frame for the hanging installation also only just fit around the table with the modifications we made which meant that the poles were in a lot of shots, so this took some tricky photography to make sure they weren’t.


We were looking for a modern location with the city lights in the background. It was hard to go past Mr + Mrs G’s with the story bridge in the background and the floor the ceiling windows.

fave detail.

Definitely the arbour! I haven’t seen anything like it in a shoot or a wedding before. It was a labour of love but it well and truly paid off in the end. The paint job ended up looking like crevasses in the moon and the up lighting behind it made it shine.

the film.

Concept, planning, styling @foreveramomentevents
Concept + Photography @pixel_punk_pictures
Dress designer @bowierae
Jacket Designer @marianahardwick
Bridal boutique (provided dress + jacket)
Suit @wilvalor
Cake @cakethat
Groom Model Ben @inkedelite
Bride Model Serena @serena_brookes_
D├ęcor hire + florist  @thehourglasshouse_
Hair + Makeup @annabelleh_mua
Stationery @caramariedesigns