pixel punk brisbane bridal boutique bouquet
images by pixel punk

A morning spent with favourite people and a sassy Bride enjoying candid moments for this delightful Oh Hello Bride Valentine's day shoot. With lips that match the painted lip backdrop at this fun cafe in Bowen Hills - I ♥️ Brownies was the perfect spot to shoot an edit for a 'hangry' bride rushing out on her bike for that last minute milkshake and fave snack before tying the human knot.

Bridal Boutique, Concept + Styling @ohhellobride
Florist @wonderfulbunch
Photographer @pixel_punk_pictures
Designer @beccarcouture
HMUA @emmajubbmua
Model @tayla_harwood
Veil @jasminejonesnewyork
Location @IHeartBrowniesOfficial