images by slept in daisies photography

concept inspiration:
Oh Wild: I was inspired to create an opportunity for other photographers to come together and have the chance to build their portfolio and create some beautiful content to showcase how beautiful an elopement can be! Here in Adelaide, elopements are not all that popular - if couples do choose to elope, they tend to head overseas, so my goal in this industry is to change that! 

shoot highlights:
Oh Wild: Seeing all the photographers come together!

Slept in Daisies: It was such a blast having a real couple in front of the camera, you could actually feel the love and they weren‘t afraid to show it which makes it such a fun shoot for everyone! Also getting that one really good shot where Luke leans in to kiss Alecia as the sun sets. 

Oh Wild: Coordinating all the photographers was definitely the biggest challenge of the day, we were limited with time shooting at golden hour and with seven photographers there, I really wanted to make sure everyone was happy with the shots they got on the day! I was really mindful of checking everyone was happy with the shots from each “scene”, also asking people if they had any of their own ideas or poses they wanted to try was really important! In the end I think everyone was really happy, and clearly Slept in Daisies managed to get some absolutely stunning photos! 

what led you to decide on this shoot location?
Oh Wild: I wanted somewhere that really showcased the beauty of a true adventure elopement, I had also photographed at this location years ago at the start of my photography journey, so it only made sense to bring all these talented photographers together at the place that inspired me to start!

favourite details:
Slept in Daisies: The whole styled shoot came together so well, we had an amazing coordinator and couple, amazing styling and dresses and all participating photographers worked together in a supporting rather than competing way. I came all the way from Bendigo for this and it was well worth it! 

favourite moment: 
Slept in Daisies: The relaxed and friendly atmosphere during the whole process. When the couple started dancing on the cliff top right as the sun was setting over the ocean. Also when we all ate the cake afterwards! 

photographer + shoot coordinator + words Oh Wild @ohwild_ 
featured photographer Slept in Daisies @sleptindaisies 
furniture and styling Ever After Event Hire @everaftereventhire 
cake Kylie's Cake Creations @kyliescakecreations1
florist + hair pieces Leaf and Lotus @leafandlotus 
bridal muse + hair Alecia Koek @aleciacolehair @alecia_koek 
groom muse Luke Koek @lukekoek 
bridal gowns Fluffy A-Frame Dress Couture Love Madness @couturelovemadness_ 
Lace, Mermaid Cut (Models own dress but it is Made With Love) 
Made With Love @madewithlovebridal 
make-up Kylie Vivian Makeup Artist @kyliemua