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Georgia and Jason technically would have met on the handball courts of the local primary school at a young age, however they were reintroduced by a mutual friend (love you cookie! Georgia says) at university whilst studying the same degree.

"You don't need much when Santorini is your backdrop." 

How long were you together before your engagement?

Well... We never really put a date on our relationship (We still haven't got around to making it 'facebook official') - probably around 3-4 years at a guess.

Tell us about the proposal:
Jase was about to jump off the highest bungee jump in New Zealand and they asked if he had any last words, to which he said 'Yea I do, Georgia, will you marry me? '.

I was in shock and told him he couldn't ask me that right now. Eventually I said yes and he jumped off the edge of the platform. We were both stoked he survived and when we got back on solid ground he bent the knee with a backdrop of snow capped mountains.

What led you to decide on your Wedding venue?
I never wanted a big white wedding, so Jase said I could pick anywhere in the world. He didn't take any convincing when I suggested Greece despite him having never been before. Greece could not have been more perfect. Of the seven countries we visited on our trip, it was easily our favourite. Laid back, beautiful people, clear blue water and everyday is sunshine. It was also very unlikely that it would rain at that time of year so we didn't need a wet weather plan.

We choose Dana Villas in Santorini for our ceremony, reception and accommodation. It was perfect. Their view is unbeatable, the staff made everything easy and the food was to die for.

What was the inspiration behind your Wedding theme?

Laid back and no fuss. We had zero stress on the day. Jase and I even swapped our shoes to thongs after the ceremony (Santorini's thousands of stairs and uneven pathways are not ideal in heels!). You don't need much when Santorini is your backdrop.

Your most favourite moment/s of the day:
Climbing on rooftops all over Oia with our photographers.

Sitting down to our reception dinner looking out to the most stunning view with our family and friends who had flown across the world for us.

The day prior, we also hired a private boat to take our guests around the island. It was the perfect day to relax everyone pre-wedding after the long flights from Australia to Greece.

My mum also did my hair and Jases' sister did my makeup. That was really special to get ready with them.

What was your favourite details about the day?
We didn't go overboard with details. We did buy our guests Ouzo (traditional Greek spirit) and the girls bracelets with the location coordinates of our venue engraved.

Everything else was simple, minimal and laid back.

How long did it take for you to find and how was your dress/suit shopping experience overall?
I found dress shopping tough. I knew I wanted a white dress but didn't feel comfortable in any traditional bridals gowns. I eventually chose a formal gown that I ordered in white and was so happy with it. I also went shopping for the most comfortable heels I could find and found a pair I've been able to wear again and again since.

Jase found his suit in no time at all. Simple chinos, open collar dress shirt, blue suit jacket and some ridiculously uncomfortable shoes. Hot tip: spend the money on good shoes.

What does marriage mean to you?

Endless adventures!
Any classic stories you want to share from the day?
We hired a car to get around the island for photos. We asked for a Mini Countryman as we had seen a few around. The lovely Greek ladies then called around everywhere looking for a nice Greek country man who would drive us around for the day.

Our photo shoot also got interrupted by a tourist who wanted some photos of herself posing with Jase. Such an ego boost for Jase haha

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a Wedding?
Don't forget to enjoy the day and pay attention to the little moments. Don't stress over the small things.

Any stand out vendors for the day? Someone that went above and beyond?

Bonnie Jenkins and her partner Dave were our photographers and we loved hanging out with them for the day. They made everything easy and fun. It was so unbelievably hot and there is minimal shade in Santorini so they even carried around frozen water bottles and sweat towels for us. They made sure we stopped to take it all in and be present rather than just focus on getting the right shots. We had an absolute blast with them!

Wedding song:

Georgia walked down the aisle to Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley covered by Kina Grannis

Bonnie Jenkins Photography