"I got down on one knee. We both cried. It was beyond special. The moment when Dan realises what’s happening - priceless!" Maya tells.

Dan and Maya married each other at The Third day in North Melbourne earlier this year after nearly two years together before Maya popped the big question. Maya had been working at a juice store when Dan walked in with his business partner - it was a very brief meeting - but it was meeting number one!

Fast forward 6 months and they met a second time at a warehouse party, where the two ended up dancing the night away together (which later inspired their whole Wedding). "We realised that night that we were both leaving for New York in two weeks, for 3 months. The third time we ever met was in New York. We hung out almost every day in that magical city and became instant best friends." Maya & Dan.

tell us about the proposal: Dan and I are both performers, and at the time we were performing regularly in an Improvised Comedy Team. I decided to propose to Dan on stage one night, as a surprise, as part of our show. He had no idea and thought it was an actual improv scene! I had told many of our close friends and family who were all in the audience, all filming away, which Dan thought was extremely odd. I got down on one knee. We both cried. It was beyond special. The moment when Dan realises what’s happening - priceless!

what led you to decide on your Wedding venue? It happened by chance really. Our initial Wedding venue cancelled 5 weeks before the Wedding! But then randomly we ended up with our original first choice, which was just so amazing.

what was the inspiration behind your Wedding theme?
We always wanted somewhere that channelled the first night we properly ‘met,’ and our love of summer in New York. So it had to have a rad warehouse/dance party/food truck/street party/fairy lit garden type vibe!

your most favourite moment/s of the day: Walking out, hand in hand, through the crowd, and getting up on stage, to deliver our slideshow of how we fell for each other to all of our guests.

what was your favourite detail/s about the day? It was a DIY Wedding, we were still at the venue at 1am the night before decorating the space! We just wanted it to be totally ‘us,’ and a unique night that everyone would remember and have some serious fun at. We brought in all of our own plants, fairy lights and drinks. We even had an ‘old codgers corner’ which was designed specifically for our older friends and relatives to relax in.

how long did it take for you to find your dress?
I was completely spoilt, and was taken to a few different boutiques by my mother and sister in law to be. I was going to just wear my mum’s wedding dress from 1970 (which I did end up wearing as we greeted our guests together) but then ended up finding a beautiful, sexy and classic vintage inspired dress which I couldn’t stop thinking of. We all cried when I put it on for the first time!

what does marriage mean to you? Taking turns looking after each other when you’re feeling vulnerable! Building a life with your favourite person in the world is pretty awesome.

any classic stories you want to share from the day? It was the only day of pouring rain within weeks before and after. Like, torrential rain that morning! It was crazy. We could only laugh. It stopped raining at night though (but was still freezing cold) and the sun even came out briefly for some photos. Having our two black pugs as ring bearers was also pretty special.

what advice would you offer to other couples planning a Wedding?
In all honesty, I’ve never been more stressed in my life in the few weeks leading up to the Wedding! Probably because it was mostly DIY (which I’m not sure I would recommend unless you're feeling like a challenge!). But having said that, I certainly don’t regret the way we did it. I just wish I could experience it all over again - it went so fast! Also, if you are doing DIY, KMart will become your best friend. And very importantly, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. We just couldn’t have done it all without the help of our family and close friends. And finally, I wish I’d taken a week off work before the actual day!

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Wedding songs: We walked out together to ‘Passionfruit’ by Drake! And we joined each other on the dance floor to ‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire.

Venue: The Third Day
Wedding Cake: Croquembuche by Adriano Zumbo
Rings: Tiffany
Accessories: Mimco
Hair and MUA: Liz Mason
Photography: Blossom Daisy Creative
DJ’s: DJ Slymewave | Christopher Port