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A vintage retro feel whith makeup that was 70's inspired brought to fruition by the white wedge sling back heel we found for the shoot. We wanted it to feel romantic and vintage, but modern and fun at the same time.


The models. Jess & Zac were amazing, super in love and fun, they were down for anything and just as happy to be involved as we were. The dress was also a massive highlight, shooting something so fun made the editing process a breeze, playing with the shadows from the veil and the short dress was a total vibe.


The sun was a big one, any photographer will tell you not to shoot in full sun, if the shoot was a different style it would not have worked, but the beaming sun and vibrant colours gave it more of a 70's palm spring feel that we wouldn't have gotten if it were overcast.

shoot location.

We knew we wanted it to be an inner city shoot, but it was forecast to rain all day so the options were super limited. The model actually suggested the rooftop carpark where she works, and whaddaya know, not a drop of rain or cloud in sight.

favourite detail.

Man that's a hard one. I'm gunna say the dress. I feel like if there were any other dress it wouldn't be what it was, of all the variables the dress is what made it perfect. Sophie from Luna Joy is super stylish so I knew the dress would be amazing, she whipped it up specifically for that shoot and we planned everything else around it.

favourite moment.

Playing on the street at the end of the shoot. I feel the last photos of a shoot are always the best, so when we decided to go down to the street and run around I felt something amazing was coming. Those are some of my favourite photos from the shoot, just running around in the street like kids

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