The butterfly is a thing of beauty as it delicately floats and flutters by…

For bridal muse Bella - a real ballerina herself - her love affair with dancing started as a little girl. After many years of training dedicated to her craft she now dances with the elite at Queensland National Ballet – more specifically a training school.

Combine this elegance with a pastel pink inspired Wedding, can you just imagine? Surrounded by the beautiful drapping sleeve and flowing train, complete with a pastel pink veil created by Sew Master Fashions - Nadja (Le Sans Souci) added the perfect finishing touch, a hand stitched bodice of dried blooms.

On this day our Bride Bella features special moments with her Mum - the pink reference branches much further, her mother - the beautiful smiling and strong woman is a Breast Cancer survivor. The pink is a nod to her journey and happens to be both their favourite colour! …take note of the sweet pink surprise too - care of A Box of Sweets - Yes, both share a love for the sweetest things in life!

As this year has flown by so quickly and October ‘Breast Cancer’ month is almost upon us. It is a timely reminder to check your body and seek medical advice if something isn’t right. Midst pandemic many cancers are going un-noticed and undiagnosed – take the time for yourself so you are still here for your loved ones in a year from now… 5 years from now!


On the picturesque grounds of Gabbinbar Homstead Bride and Mother prepared for the day in the Bridal Retreat, indulged in a sweet morning tea together in the Conservatory and shared afternoon delights with guests on the Governor’s Lawn. Bella choreographed a special performance for her Mum – who loves nothing more than watching her dance.

There were so many moments of magic - the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ moment of floating floral garden that hung above the mini celebration Cake and Wedding Cake featuring hot pink peonies and soft pink tulips, cascading silks and butterflies falling from the central Chandelier. Bella entrusted the dream team to create her vision - Tyneale and Emily, lead by Nadja of Le Sans Souci.

Near the cascading silk a mossy forest floor was home to a woodland inspired installation – a mixture of both fresh roses and preserved botanicals – a selection organically dried by Nadja. 

The selection of blooms goes beyond the colour pink – roses and peonies were a main focus as they are the queen’s of blooms but also that they symbolise beauty, strength and resilience. Did you know that tulips continue to grow even after being cut? As do we grow stronger after each challenge we face.

The butterflies represent those that suffered and lost their battle to Breast Cancer – there is a family meaning behind this. One of the members of the vendor team has had Breast Cancer affect her family different ways and sadly one resulting in the loss of a precious angel taken to soon – but she is now at peace. The bridal look: flawless and detailed with the softness of pinks. 

The hair style chosen was a textured inspiration of the ballerina bun - complete with fresh roses pinned, created by Artist, Tyneale. The stationery suite included a heartfelt letter from Bride to Mother was hand crafted by Martha Scribes – it was here Bella expressed her love and thankfulness that she can share this special day with her Mum still by her side and the decorative Pointe Shoes by Milibelle Dance. Matching earrings were created by Kailie Peters for both Mother and Daughter. 

The delicious morning tea spread featured Amour Platters and Cracked Lustre cupcakes - Cake Artist Jillicious created a beautiful mini celebration Cake for Mother and Bride to cut and the Wedding Cake as well. The featured bow is a tribute to the breast cancer ribbon.

Emily of Poppy and Sage Photography enjoyed every minute of capturing all these precious moments - a theme close to her heart, her young daughter an aspiring ballerina. Last but not least to our Breast Cancer survivor Mum, Debbie. Time has a way of healing our emotional scars but the physical scars still remain. It was a journey of survival – over coming surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. The months rolled on! Regular check up’s ensure all is well and no further nasty surprises pop up. At each appointment everyone holds their breath (we all worry in silence) awaiting the phone call “I had my check up, everything is ok.” Nothing is more important than your family network!

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mother of the bride & breast cancer survivor - Debbie