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Introducing Helen O’Connor Bridal. From Thurley to bespoke bridal, Helen O’Connor releases her first breathtaking bridal collection. Helen O’Connor has evolved from her eponymous feminine label, Thurley, to reinvent bridal in 2021. O’Connor’s long-awaited first bridal collection features bespoke couture pieces created with her signature, distinctive artistry that has resulted in ultra-feminine, modern and magical garments.

In 2006, O’Connor founded the iconic Thurley label in pursuit of unique beauty, creativity and craftsmanship. The dramatic acceleration of the industry’s pace felt increasingly at odds with the time and skill needed to create the pieces O’Connor wanted to bring to life, inspiring this exciting new direction. This new year marks a new chapter and evolution in breathtaking bridal-inspired pieces designed for modern women by Helen O’Connor.

Titled ‘Phoenix’, the made-to-measure collection symbolises rebirth and renewal as a reflection of O’Connor’s journey, following the establishment and build of the beloved Thurley brand. With decades of handcraft experience draping and tailoring garments, the bespoke collection seems a natural progression for O’Connor, with each piece created by hand on the stand and woven around the female form.

“My Inspiration begins with women. I treat each dress like a piece of art and sculpt it around the female form. My dream is to create gowns that will take your groom and guests' breath away when you walk into the room,” said Designer and Founder Helen O’Connor. 

While the collection boasts aspirational, couture-standard hand-embellishment and embroidery, pricing begins at $1,999 and exits at $8,999, ensuring that there are options available for all bridal budgets. O'Connor's mission is to offer her customers the very best value for their money.

Throughout her journey in ready-to-wear, O’Connor became increasingly conscious and concerned of the environmental footprint that was being created by the rapid pace and volume of seasonal stock turnaround. Bridal offers the perfect sustainable solution, creating pieces that meet consumer demand to eliminate excess stock and the associated environmental footprint.

Keeping sustainability front of mind, O’Connor has created the collection with a commitment to local craftsmanship with each piece designed, sampled and made locally in Melbourne Australia. All while continuing to collaborate with aligned suppliers and international artisans, all equally devoted to their craft, to develop innovative techniques and fabrics, resulting in this unique and spectacular collection.

The newly opened Helen O’Connor Bridal Studio is located at 110 Moor Street, Fitzroy Melbourne. Private appointments at the Helen O’Connor Bridal Studio can also be made via email at info@helenoconnorbridal.com. 

The Phoenix Collection will also be available to purchase in selected national and international boutiques. For full stockist information, please contact contact@sageagency.com.au.