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to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair
erin shanley hair
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Sutherland Shire, NSW based bridal hair stylist, Erin Shanley, is a sophisticated hairdresser with the ability to inspire her guests with the latest trends and fashionable classics. "Not only can we provide our guests with the overall in-salon hairdressing experience, we can also accommodate our brides who request us to travel." Erin shares. 

to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair
to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair
to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair

Is there a story you would like to share from your experiences?

Every bride has her own unique story, but it is not every day that the same delicate memory was captured by a photographer. So, as you could have imagined many weeks later when the photos arrived, I was totally blown away. Allow me to try to paint that same picture.

“Standing under the grand 19th century arched doorway of a magnificent heritage house in the Illawarra’s south. Her bridesmaid lining up before her ready to walk the isle hidden by the shadow of the dark red velvet walls. Silky dark brown hair elegantly styled in place her back faces you and the perfect silhouette takes form. Her delicate details of her wedding gown hug her petite figure so well as her veil moves gracefully in the soft afternoon breeze. Her father takes her arm."

to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair

how and when was Erin Shanley Hair born?

Truthfully. If it were not for a childhood friend who found me working in a salon down the South Coast of NSW I would not be where I am today… I am so grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that have led me on this amazing journey which (mind you) still cease to amaze me every day. You know what they say... "For every successful woman there is a tribe of other successors who will always have her back." My list of pros outweigh the cons and I have not looked back since. I get goosebumps every time I talk about it. Best decision of my life to go out on my own.


When choosing a professional what I tend to recommend is to look for someone who can recreate your vision. I also would look for a professional who can make me feel and look like the best version of myself and I can feel comfortable within his/her company. All the while needs to have the knowledge and skills equipped for all ages, trends and their style classics. Experience is a must.

to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair
to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair

what keeps you inspired along the way?

My inspiration comes in many forms. It can be as simple as the textures in a V.Van Gough painting or the way that the wind touches an object to make it move. Trends will come and go but style is timeless and classic.

the best part about what you do?

When working in events like these it really and truly is the most incredible feeling knowing that your small contribution is to her biggest day of her life. There is so much build up, so many raw emotions and everyone who is there in her bridal suite has been able to give something or was able to recreate an idea for this whole day to come to life.

It’s in moments like these when she enters the room for the first time dressed in her wedding gown; all the tiny little details have been pieced together so delicately and this unbelievably beautiful, young lady stands before you. It's right there, when her eyes catch yours do you then realise that your small contribution has made such an impact. It is a feeling that I find hard to explain it pure, it is magic, it is powerful, and you are completely at loss for words. So femininely divine... and that is the very reason why I continue to do what I do.

to the aisle australia | erin shanley hair

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