vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings
May The E.K was born when Kirsten was daydreaming whilst styling on a photoshoot in Sydney. She and a photographer were talking about their fantasy life and Kirsten said "I would love to live in Byron Bay and drive people around in my vintage car" That afternoon, Kirsten found May online and the journey began!

Create incredible memories + enjoy being chauffeured in this stunning, character rich wedding car rental service in Byron Bay and Northern Rivers. Kirsten's warm personality will put you at ease should those pre-wedding nerves start to arise + know that you are in safe hands.

Tell us about what May the E.K can offer a couple for their Wedding day? 
May The E.K is of course a beautiful vintage dusty pink EK Holden which is the prettiest wedding transport in Byron Bay, however being driven to your wedding inside May The E.K is an experience that you will never forget. It’s the nostalgic smell, the glamorous chrome highlights, the tiny vintage star print on her roof, it’s the instagramable pink dashboard and the comfy bench seats, mixed with your female stylist chauffeur playing 60’s love songs that will really make you feel special on your wedding day.
vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings
Kirsten, the owner driver has had over a decades experience as a stylist making people feel comfortable on photoshoots and will calm your nerves and make sure you arrive feeling happy and looking your best. Kirsten is always on the look out for beautiful photography spots, and can work with your photographer to drive you to special hidden spots for your wedding photos.

May The E.K is truly more than just a ride from A to B.
vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings
Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?
I had a wedding this year where I arrived to collect the bride to find her hyperventilating and extremely stressed out. Everyone had left for the wedding and she was very nervous on her own. I sat with her and helped her calm her breathing. When we got inside May she relaxed listening to my 60’s playlist and I remember looking back at her in the rear vision mirror to see her bopping away with a huge smile on her face.

Here is her review: “Thank goodness for Kirsten and May the EK! I’m so thrilled I chose this late addition to our wedding day, it really was essential in hindsight! Not only is May incredibly pretty, and my dream car, but Kirsten is the perfect driver too. I was unexpectedly very nervous right before my three daughters and I left for my wedding, and Kirsten really helped settle my nerves! We both ended up singing 60s tunes all the way, and I was happy and ready on arrival! Set the perfect tone, and made for some pretty gorgeous photos too. Thanks Kirsten and May.”
vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings
vintage car wedding transport byron bay weddings
I would say to book your transport an extra half an hour before you are meant to arrive, as usually timelines are pushed back (everything takes longer than you think it will). I recommend couples book May The E.K for a 3 hour booking, this is enough time to have a moment before you drive off to be present and take a few minutes to calm your nerves just before you arrive and then allowing enough time for photos after your ceremony. As mentioned above, I offer to drive couples around the area close to the venue to take a variety of photos. Always allow enough time, you don’t want to rush your photos or the magic of the experience.

Tell us about the best part about what you do:  
Theres nothing more exciting than being apart of a couples wedding day! The first squeal when the bride and bridesmaids see May The E.K arrive with her white ribbons on the bonnet and the buzz of being with the bride and groom just after the ceremony has taken place. It’s so romantic and I feel so honored to be apart of it.