"Whenever I’m organising a styled shoot I only like to give a basic run down of my vision and allow the professionals to develop the rest and see what evolves." Helena - Helena Couture Designs

You know its creativity running through your veins when the Wedding professionals you choose to trust in creating your very special day continue on with setting up and styling inspiration shoots for Nearly Weds in their 'spare' time. This gorgeous Gold Coast collaborative of Wedding vendors bring Helena's vision to life in this Love and Wild Hearts styled shoot. 
➳ What was the inspiration behind this shoot? It came to me when I was shooting images of the new jewellery collection of Bliss Designs Jewellery (Bride's can now find at my Bridal studio) and I thought how much I would love a female model to place some of the pieces on and create a more intimate shoot. The willing models and the makeup artist who I haven’t had a chance to work with yet popped into mind and from there I wondered how far can I push my luck with a last minute inspiration shoot? I thought, if I can get a hold of a florist to create the floral boob tube, then I’m going to go all the way to make it a full styled shoot.

I started ringing around Tuesday lunchtime and by Thursday the shoot was in motion. When people talk about last minute Weddings, it’s usually at least a few months out, so to create what we did in 36hrs, is completely the result of creative dedicated individuals who could see my vision and even though we were all busy with work, were still able to push ourselves as we knew the result would be worth it.

When I was younger, my mum always said, if you want something done fast, ask a busy person. We were all into our busy season for the second half of 2018, but as we all like to push ourselves to be better at what we do and evolve each time, this was an exciting opportunity for all of us.

➳ What are some of the highlight moments you had during the lead up to the shoot: The final vendor had been confirmed within 24hrs from when I started ringing around! My staff and friends sometimes call  me Hurricane Helena and I was exactly that when I walked into Cotton On Body with just 30 mins to park, select the underwear the models would be wearing under shear garments . I would normally design and create the underwear but in this amount of time, the suggestion of using this Australian brand was welcomed. 
On the day of shooting, Lauren from Conk and Co. Grazing was my amazing assistant the whole day & Kristy from Klee Photography took charge and having so many ideas and so little time, I was able to settle from my adrenaline rush and trust in the work of all of the incredible vendors who had gathered to create this magic with me.
➳ Did you face any challenges on the day? If so, how did you overcome them? The only real challenge was having a maximum of three hours to turn my vision into reality through images but when you have professionals right alongside of you, they make it possible.

➳ What led you to decide on this venue/shoot location? Due the amount jewellery and not knowing how many scenes we might want to create, having the shoot at my studio was the best option. As the property backs onto parkland and having enough props to open our own styling company, I knew we were set. There was even the option of alpacas, but we will need to leave that till another time.
➳ What was your favourite detail about the shoot day? There are so many things I loved about our shoot, as there were so many different images created, but if I had to pick only a few it would be the wattle and laying down scenes.

➳ Favourite moments from the day: Favourite moments were the excitement and fun all the vendors felt and put into the shoot. It was so great to finally meet some of the vendors for the first time in person, as we had only communicated online until that day. It was almost like a reunion. Loads of talking, laughter and ideas popping out of our creative minds. Whenever I’m organising a styled shoot I only like to give a basic run down of my vision and allow the professionals to develop the rest and see what evolves.

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Styled Inspiration Team: 
Gowns, Jewellery & concept: Helena Couture Designs 
also showcasing Bliss Design Jewellery 
Photography: Klee Photography 
HMUA: Blake Designs 
Floral designs: Lola’s Wildflowers 
Grazing platter & wine: Conk and Co Grazing 
Models: Kate Alexandra 


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