Dreams came true when Sunshine Coast based photographer, Mallory Sparkles headed to Joshua Tree, U.S to shoot this stunning Bridal inspiration. "Joshua Tree is a favourite spot of mine and I just had to gather a collaborative team to take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings!" Mallory - Mallory Sparkles Photography

What was the inspiration behind creating this shoot? I have always wanted to go to Joshua Tree, just always. Something about the rocks + desert + cactus, oh my. So, as I was making new years resolutions last year - I decided it was the year to do it! I sent some emails to make this dream happen and is all just unfolded in a beautiful way.

What are some the highlights from the shoot? Obviously, Joshua Tree carries enough magic on its own, so the whole process and shoot was just so memorable. It was just me, my husband and these two models alone in the desert. It felt like we were in another world of our own. Twirling in dresses in the desert, without a care in the world. Also, watching the sun go down on that scenery was pretty ace.

Did you face any challenges? Despite being in the desert, it was actually freezing. It was December and 3 degrees. I felt so bad for the girls without jackets, so I made sure they ran alot to keep warm which resulted in some pretty fantastic pics! It's also pretty wimpy, but it was windy as well - there was a point where I coulnd't feel my fingers on my camera anymore. I would just try to breathe on them while we were shooting so I could feel my buttons.

How did you choose this exact location? It's pretty similar to the inspiration. There is something so wild and free about deserts and this was definitely one I always wanted to go to. It's only a few hours out of L.A and we combined it with a trip to Disneyland (my very fave) The whole trip feels so wonderful.

Favourite detail? I loved both the dresses the girls wore even though they were totally different dresses. They both carried so much elegance and boho-ness all at the same time. I also loooooved the dry bouquet. I felt that was just so incredibly fitting for a desert themed shoot! Also, the scenery. The cactus. The sunset. Just ALL of it!

Favourite moments: Getting ready at our adorable desert air bnb and listening to old records while the girls just put a super fun and light hearted spin on the shoot. Watching the girls run in the freezing desert to warm themselves up at dusk was seriously an image that won't be forgotten any time soon. Just being in the National Park was magical. Oh and afterwards, the freezing models and we picked up a bottle of wine and pizza and played games all night - the whole day was brimming with so much fun!

I would have to say that fulfilling a dream was the number one favourite moment though.

U.S COLLABORATIVE TEAM CREDITS: the hair + makeup Tanya Marie Hair // florals were driven from LA to the awesome air bnb I was staying Going Steady Studios // and the dresses were shipped to me from amazing dress designer Elizabeth Mackenzie Bridal // Models - Sunni & Sydni