"We wanted to create something magical, a Bride who was not like other Brides...she could be draped in lace but wear it with an edge. Something luxurious yet raw, dreamy and utter romance. The first half of our shoot captured the young at heart, an earthy toned bouquet featuring peach and cream tones, with gold jewellery, she's innocent yet courageous, she's bohemian but with an edge."

"When you have a vision in your head and seeing it all come together and all the style choices we made just worked so beautifully on our gorgeous model" Katie Sweet Mary Photography


For the second half of our shoot, we wanted to go more goth romance, darker tones and rouge lips, the bouquet is raw and unstructured featuring black roses, paperbark and dead palm fronds, this girl has a wild heart but she's mysterious and enchanting. We wanted a grassy rustic look that would be enhanced by the setting sun, giving us that “golden hour” look. We didn’t want anything too over the top as our focus was on the dresses, jewellery, makeup etc.

When you have a vision in your head and get to see it all come together and all the style choices we made just worked so beautifully on our gorgeous model Katie. My camera was loving every second of it! We were also blessed with the most stunning golden sunset that afternoon, it was magic!


Did you face any challenges on the day?
OMG we had to face one large one!! The putting together of this shoot took such a long time with some of our vendors sending items (the dresses and jewellery) from down south so we literally had one day to put it all together before we had to send the gowns and jewellery back. I had the most beautiful grassy location picked out and when we arrived at 4pm it had been mown!! We literally couldn’t believe it! Luckily I had a backup spot in mind and we drove there praying it would work, we had very little time to shoot the four looks before we lost light and thankfully we found a second grassy spot and I actually think it turned out better than the first! But it was so touch and go for a moment there I was freaking out!!

What was your favourite detail about the shoot day? Gosh, how do I pick just one? I would have to say the florals, I just always say nothing really brings a Bride and her gown together like stunning fresh flowers - the more interesting and unique the better!

Bridal Gowns: When Freddie Met Lilly @whenfreddiemetlilly
Florals: The Secret Garden @_thesecretgardenn_
Jewellery Loan: Beyond Your Wardrobe @beyondyourwardrobe
Jewellery Brand: Christie Nicolaides @christienicolaides
Makeup: Urban Miss Makeup @urbanmissmakeup
Hair: Touch of Utopia @touch_of_utopia
Model: Katie Hamden @katiehamden_