Read on and get to know Creative Birds Event Stationery and find out recent trends that Natasha has been noticing and her advice for Brides and Grooms starting out on their search for the perfect Wedding stationery.
➳ What do you love most about designing Wedding stationery? 
I really love the human and emotional element of working with real people. I love being able to create my clients something that will reflect their special day styling and give their guests almost a sneak peak of what they can expect on the day. It’s very rewarding when you receive feedback and referrals from your existing clients.

➳ Where do you get your inspiration from?
My clients really do inspire me with their vision of their special day and from our conversations and brainstorms (and coffee) together I am able to produce something special for them. I love all things nature so even it means going for a walk in the bush or on the beach to clear my mind, I find I am always inspired when I am outdoors. And if all else fails... Pinterest!

➳ Tell us all more about the business concept behind your designs & your unique style:
I have a passion for all things creative and when you’re able to turn your passion into a business I find you give 110% to your work because you want to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

➳ What have been some of your favourite pieces?
Anything to do with Hot Foil Stamping or Letterpress!! I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love these two special printing options. When you show clients samples of these, they can’t resist but to touch and feel the cards, I love it!

I also love finding clients that like pushing the boundaries and open to out of the box ideas. In terms of favourite pieces, anything with Australian Natives and textured card!

➳ What trends are you seeing more of lately?
Native Australian Foliage is very on trend right now and I think for a good reason, it’s so beautiful! It can suit almost any Australian Wedding venue, from the beach to the bush or even in a barn, which is a very popular venue option.

Other trends I am seeing are anything to do with Peony Roses (of course!) and water colour artwork are also crowding all social media platforms at the moment.

➳ Do you have advice for Brides and Grooms who are just starting out on their search for a designer?
I would really make sure you meet (or Facetime) your designer and have an open conversation about specifically what you want to ensure they can meet your needs. Having this conversation will give you a really good feel of their personality which is hard to find over emails.
Also make sure you compare apples with apples, if you want a custom designed wedding invitation, you can’t expect to pay the same amount as a mass produced invitation as seen on some popular websites.